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21st International Petroleum Environmental Conference (NON-SPEAKER REGISTRATION)
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October 14-16, 2014 * Houston, Texas, USA

Marriott Westchase Hotel, 2900 Briarpark Drive

Brings together professionals from industry, academia, and government agencies who seek solutions

to environmental problems of a technical, legal, and regulatory nature.

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Conference Chairs:

Conference Contacts:

 Plenary Speakers confirmed to date:

  • Sara McMillen, Chevron Fellow; Consulting Environmental Scientist; Chevron Energy Technolgoy Company, Richmond, CA"Facts Behind the $9.5 Billion Fraudulent Judgment Against Chevron in Ecuador"
  • Austin Holland, Seismologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK: "Recent Earthquakes in Oklahoma and the MId-Continent: Significance and Potential for Induced Seismicity"
  • Trudy Curtis, CEO, Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM), Calgary Canada"Industry and Regulatory Cooperation for Better Information"
  • Amanda Brock, CEO, Water Standard, Houston, Texas: "The New Oil: How Water Impacts 21st Century O&G Production"

Technical Sessions & Papers (confirmed to date):

  • Hydraulic Fracturing:  Technological Reality & Public Perceptions (Chair: J. Berton Fisher, Lithochimeia, Inc., Tulsa, OK)
    • A Case Study: Responding to Public Concerns over High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
    • "Fracking" or Hydraulic Fracturing:  How Media Shapes Public Perception and Regulatory Process
  • Horizontal Wells:  Target the Source (Chair: Michael Sequino, Directional Technologies, Inc., Wallingford, CT)
  • Produced Water Treatment and Management Strategies (Chairs: John & Deedee Boysen, BC Technologies, Laramie, WY)
    • Detecting and Characterizing Oil Agglomerates in Water Using Particle Imaging
    • Produced Water Recycle Reuse at the Oman Mukhaizna Oil Field
    • HDPE Lined Produced Water Evaporation Ponds
    • One Company's Approach for Shale Water Management
  • Life Cycle Risk Management in the Evolution of LNAPL Plumes (Chair: Michael Hawthorne, H2A Environmental, Ltd., Keller, TX)
  • Open Discussion on Produced Water and Other Water Issues (Chair: John Veil, VEil Environmental, Annapolis, MD)
  • Air Emissions
    • Use of Bacteria to Control Methanol Emissions at Oil and Gas Disposal Facilities
    • Dispersion of H2S-Rich Plumes from Oil/Gas Well Blowouts Based on CRD Simulations
  • Legal & Regulatory Issues
    • EPA's Rule Change to the Definition of "Waters of the United States" Under the Clean Water Act:  Implications for the Oil & Gas Industry
    • What is TPH? Making Sense of Names and Acronyms from Around the World
  • Remediation of Hydrocarbon Spills
    • Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling for the Saltpond Oilfield, Ghana, West Africa
    • Remediation of Water Repellent Petroleum Contaminated Soil from Bemidji, Minnesota by Alkaline Desorption
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation
    • Full-Scale Implementation of In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Persulfate Injection
    • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation from Pilot Study to Full-Scale Implementation

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  • Exhibitor Prospectus and Agreement Forms (Writable PDF forms.  Just type on the forms, print them off and sign. Fax to 918-631-2154 or scan / email them to stephen-hall@utulsa.edu). 
  • Corporate Sponsorship Information and Confirmation Form (writable PDF form. Just type on the form, print it off and sign.  Fax to 918-631-2154 or scan / email to patricia-hall@utulsa.edu.
  • Exhibitors  & Sponsors To-Date:

    • Abutec
    • ALLU Group, Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)
    • Amplified Geochemical Imaging
    • Chevron (Platinum Sponsor)
    • Cirrus Associates, LLC (Bronze Sponsor)
    • DeepEarth Technologies  (Silver Sponsor)
    • Dexsil Corporation
    • Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)
    • Directional Technologies, Inc. (Silver Sponsor)
    • Epcon Industrial Systems, LP
    • Eureka Water Probes (formerly a division of Measurement Specialties)
    • Fluid Imaging  
    • Integrity Measurement & Control, Inc.
    • M.I. SWACO
    • Microbial Insights, Inc.
    • Primary Natural Resources (Bronze Sponsor)
    • Rosengarten, Smith & Associates (Bronze Sponsor)
    • Roux Associates, Inc.
    • Samson Resources (Silver Sponsor)
    • Tanner Services, LLC, Environmental Division (Silver Sponsor)
    • Veolia Water Solutions & Technology
    • Willowstick Technologies  
    • ZILTEK PTY LTD (Bronze Sponsor)



Professionals who are involved in developing and implementing new technology to address and resolve environmental problems in exploration, production, refining, as well as health safety.

Industry:  79.6%

Government Agencies:  9.7%

Academicians & Students:  10.7%

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The formal program and information discussions with your colleagues during this conference combine to give you the kind of up-to-date information you have come to expect from a majore conference.


This conference has been rated "EXCELLENT" and "GOOD" by 97% of the participants! 

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Email:  cese@utulsa.edu

Length: 3 days

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  Dates Location

October 14-16, 2014 Marriott Westchase Hotel, 713-978-7400, 2900 Briarpark Drive, Houston, TX
$995.00 EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT (available until 8/29/14)
$1195.00 Registration fee after Aug. 29, 2014
$895.00 GROUP DISCOUNT (available to 3 or more from same company)
$1495.00 On-site Registration Fee
Ticketed Events
Pre-Conference Workshop   Cost : $340.00    Date : 13 Oct 2014
Remediation and Restoration of Hydrocarbon and Brine Contaminated Soil Instructed by: Kerry Sublette, The University of Tulsa/Sublette Consulting, Inc. This pragmatic workshop teaches hydrocarbon and brine remediation in a way that is particularly relevant to technical personnel from oil companies, oil service companies, landmen, environmental attorneys, non-technical personnel supporting engineers and geologists, state and federal regulators/technicians, agricultural extension agents, and soil scientists. Participants learn how to design, plan, and implement full-scale soil remediation projects. No prior knowledge of microbiology or soil science is assumed.

Number of people attending: